Allison Calhoun is a stylist and costumer based in Los Angeles.  

She has worked with production companies such as Biscuit, Anonymous, MJZ, Woodshop, Tool, Community, Adolescent, Stink, and Pretty bird.

She has experience in celebrity press tours and images, red carpet appearances, personal shopping, commercials, editorial, print and ad work, tv, short films, and most recently she just finished designing her feature film directed by Robert Schwartzman.

She came into her own by assisting and continuing to assist incredible stylists and designers including, Ilaria Urbanati, Debra LeClair, Negar Ali, Heather Allison, Ric Renae Hughes, Francis & Periera, and Jessie Jamz.

For inquiries please contact: 

email: allisonvcalhoun(at)gmail.com